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Pieter Ampe (b. 1982, Burundi) grew up in Ghent and lives in Brussels. He is a dancer, choreographer and performer with a love for confusion. As a child with too much energy Pieter found an outlet in the theatre and dance workshops at the youth theatre De Kopergietery. During his studies at P.A.R.T.S. (2004-2008) he created the duet Still Difficult Duet with Gui Garrido after they met during the danceWeb 2006 scholarship programme. After his studies Pieter worked as a dancer in The Song (Cie. Rosas) and became artist in residence at the newly founded art centre CAMPO (Ghent). CAMPO supported the creation of a series of performances that toured worldwide. Among others Still Standing You (with Gui Garrido, 2010), Jake & Pete... (with Jakob Ampe and Jelle Clarisse 2011), So you can feel (solo, 2014) and We don’t speak to be understood (with Benjamin Verdonck 2015). In 2016, he accepted the request from KVS (Brussels) to make something for the big stage. From this question came the research performance It's In The Small Things. Artistic director Hooman Shariffi invited Pieter as a choreographer for the dance company Carte Blanche. He made a work on searching and insecure pathways called Get Lost (2018). In 2019, What shall we sing about premiered in Reykjavik, a performance for the Icelandic Dance Company looking for personal movement and stories of the 8 dancers on stage. Gunilla Heilborn created a performance about her encounter with Pieter: Give it some time (2020), a solo about a duet cancelled by force majeure in corona times. Since 2020 Pieter has been working with Meg Stuart on the performance Cascade, the show began an international tour at ImPulsTanz 2021. These days Pieter is researching the breath as a motor for movement and stillness. In 2023 he will be performing in a new creation by Lisaboa Houbrechts. As a performer Pieter has been seen in the work of Joachim Koester (Denmark), Robert Steijn (Austria, The Netherlands), Hermann Heisig (Germany), The Germans (Dikkelvenne) and Eun kyung Lee (South Korea) among others.


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