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The Time*Sailors are back! It’s been more than a quarter of a century since the crew of Vienna’s Tanz*Hotel first set out dancing as Time*Sailors: Destination unknown and back! This time around, Captain Bert Gstettner gets his time ship Brain*sSail working again and sets sail with a new, young crew. The irrepressible Tanz*Hotel was one of Vien­na’s most successful dance ensembles in the 1990s and 2000s. The plot of the new departure: after all energy sources in Europe have been exhausted, the Time*Sailors set out to save what remains to be saved.

Premiere of the Restaging

Duration: 70 Min

Price: 24 Euro
Reduced: 20 Euro
Due to illness in the ensemble, the performances on 18 and 20 July at Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz of Tanz*Hotel TIME*SAILORS IV – The Return have to be postponed to Saturday 6 August at 19:00 at Odeon. Tickets already purchased remain valid and do not need to be exchanged.
18.7.2022, 21:00
Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz
20.7.2022, 19:00
Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz
6.8.2022, 19:00
© Time*Sailors | T*H | Bildrecht 2022
© Time*Sailors | T*H | Bildrecht 2022
© Time*Sailors | T*H | Bildrecht 2022


Choreographer, script, direction: Bert Gstettner 
Dance/performance crew: Łukasz Czapski, Marcin Denkiewicz, Michael Gross, Bert Gstettner, Kirin España, Elia Zahnd
Original music: Klaus Obermaier, Robert Spour
Original stage design: Gernot Sommerfeld
Original costume: Heidemarie Bauer-Just
Adaptation: Hanna Adlaoui-Mayer
Artistic production assistant: Sara Wilnauer
Office, PR: Claudia Bürger
Production: Tanz*Hotel / Art*Act Kunstverein


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