Pieter Ampe (BE)
Let the belly hang

© Louiza Vande Woestyne / Pieter Ampe

Have you ever been held after drinking too much? 
You are puking, you’re completely emptied out, but can’t stop gagging …. Have you ever been held in that moment? Someone, a group of friends, holding your hair, your head, as you didn’t even have the energy to make use of the muscles in your neck?
I think you should -

Let the belly hang
An invitation to sit with the discomfort of life for a moment.
To celebrate it, turn vice into virtue.

Let the belly hang is a an ImPulsTanz residency showing by dancer and performance artist Pieter Ampe.
After the premiere of Cascade at ImPulsTanz 2021, in which Pieter danced for Meg Stuart, Karl Regensburger asked Pieter when he was going to serve other makers and make his own work again. Pieter didn’t understand it was a joke and came back to try and pick up the pieces of his forgotten career.

With input on visual art and stuff by Roland Rauschmeier and dramaturgical advice by Barbara Demaret

Duration: 55 Min
Admission free
6.8.2022, 23:00
© Pieter Ampe
© Louiza Vande Woestyne / Pieter Ampe
© ImPulsTanz - All rights reserved
Date: 12.08.2022, 02:07 | Link: https://impulstanz.com/en/performances/id2673/