Cie. Mathilde Monnier (FR)
Défilé pour 27 chaussures

© Marc Domage

Shoes, their style and fetish, their symbolism and the allure of the label. In this work, created as a collaboration with Olivier Saillard, the artistic director of J.M. Weston, Mathilde Monnier plays with 27 iconic foot covers that accompany her like shadowy creatures in a parade. As part of the Vienna Heidi Horten Collection’s summer exhibition RENDEZ-VOUS, the great French choreographer dances as a barefoot solo performer in black tights and a white men’s shirt. Monnier in all her grandesse only needs a minimum of physical expression to make a strong impact.

Austrian Premiere

Duration: 45 Min
Price: 24 Euro
Reduced: 20 Euro
1.8.2023, 20:00
Heidi Horten Collection
1.8.2023, 21:30
Heidi Horten Collection
© Marc Domage
© Marc Domage
© Marc Domage


Conception: Olivier Saillard and Mathilde Monnier
Interpretation: Mathilde Monnier
Sound design: Nano de Clausel
Light design: Eric Wurtz
Photography: Marc Dommage

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