Marga Alfeirão with Mariana Benenge, Myriam Lucas, Shaka Lion (DE/PT & FR/CG & DE/MX/US & PT/BR)

© Mayra Wallraff

A duet, but not only between two dancers: Marga Alfeirão’s LOUNGE is a place where opposites – movement and rest, giving and receiving, the private and the public – meet and merge into a transitory space not ruled by frantic comings and goings but encounter and recovery. Alfeirão, who in her work has been greatly influenced by the dances and sounds of the African diaspora, understands relaxation – lounging – as a way of reclaiming female eroticism and in her “lesbian lap dance duet” has managed to create a choreography of hypnotic care and beauty.

Austrian Premiere

Duration: 45 Min
Price: 22 Euro
Reduced: 18 Euro
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25.7.2023, 23:00
Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz
27.7.2023, 23:00
Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz
© Mayra Wallraff
© Mayra Wallraff
© Mayra Wallraff
© Mayra Wallraff


Choreography, performance and conzept: Marga Alfeirão
Development and performance: Mariana Benenge, Myriam Lucas
Music and mixing: Shaka Lion
Stage design: Yoav Admoni
Light design: Thais Nepomuceno Veiga
Coproduction: Sophiensaele (Berlin)


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