Public Moves 2023

Public Moves 2023

© Janhavi & Tanmayi Dhamankar

Janhavi & Tanmayi Dhamankar
Bollywood Blast

Public Moves
© Janhavi & Tanmayi Dhamankar
Badeteich Hirschstetten
Papstwiese, Donaupark next to the Danube Tower

This class gives a flavour of India's rich culture and diverse art forms. Through rousing dances such as the Koli from Mumbai's west coast to the Bihu from Assam, this year's Public Moves celebrates the dynamic and colourful elements of folk dances. There are no age, gender or style restrictions – Bollywood dance is the perfect way to freely express yourself and connect with others. So, join us and let's have a Bollywood Blast!

Janhavi Dhamankar
© Janhavi & Tanmayi Dhamankar
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