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Field Project
Week 4, 1.8.–5.8.
10:00–16:00 / +Teacher

The participants will research on diverse materials, such as fabrics, daily objects and industrial products in combination with their body, to find compelling transformations for these shapes, structures and functions.

By applying certain materials to the body, the body’s functionality will become an experiment and the materials will become vivid creatures with their own wills. How to deal with the new and uncommon body shape, which will be designed and made by the participants themselves.

The aim is to create individual abstract and poetical presences, rather than concrete characters.

Furthermore, participants will work with some simple narrative scores, which lead to a beginning. Something evolves, appears to be coming into existence. The images are abstract, ordinary, functional and sometimes hard to decipher – analogous to the narratives which unfold, intersect and end abruptly. Surreal moments, aspects of the wild, the abstract and the inexplicable that mark the beginning of stories. What part does the performer alias creator play, even if he/she cannot be identified?

At the end of the five days there will be a presentation.

For the application it would be helpful to receive links to short videos of your artistic work.

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