Alexander Gottfarb & Clélia Colonna
Encounters #3

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Pro Series
10:00–16:00 / +Teacher
Pro Series
16:00–22:00 / +Teacher

Encounters is a series of dance pieces placed in rooms and spaces related to work. It departs from the idea that dance is work and sets out to expand the notion of work and to re-place contemporary dance from a theatre situation to an activity and occupation with which we can practise being with each other – performers and audience alike. The Pro Series is movement and voice based and will culminate in long durational outdoor showings from 1–5 August.

Repetition and Transformation is the departing point for this performance practice developed by Gottfarb and his team over the last several years. In this Pro Series we will explore all the choreographic tools that make up the practice and hopefully invent some new ones. Clélia Colonna will introduce us to voice work and guide us in sounding together. The participants of this workshop share a deep interest for movement and voice exploration and are excited about long durational practices.

Pro Series: 18 July – 5 August
​​​​​​After the first two weeks in the studio the final showing week will take place on a field and will be available for audiences, free of charge. If you are interested in joining us, please briefly describe your background and what motivates you to stay with something for a long time.

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