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In addition to the All Abilities workshops, people with disabilities are invited to participate in most of the other workshops and research projects. Our Workshop Office is happy to provide you with further information.


Our Workshop and Ticket Office at MuseumsQuartier can be reached via the elevator next to MQ Point. We would be happy to assist you, if needed. Please call +43.1.235 00 22, we will be there in a moment. The Workshop Office and Ticket Office at Schmelz are barrier-free. Access to the main box office at Museumstraße 5, 1070 Vienna is barrier-free as well.


The studios 1–6 and Ko2 as well as the Workshop and Ticket Office in the building USZ1 are accessible via a ramp, there are also barrier-free toilets. All studios in the building USZ2 are accessible via a lift. The two studios in GRG 15 are accessible via a ramp and barrier-free toilets and showers are available as well.

All studios are barrier-free and barrier-free toilets are available in the ART for ART building. 

Dschungel Wien has a stepless entry, all studios are barrier-free and there
is a barrier-free toilet.

The entry is stepless and the studios are accessible by elevator. The rooms are on different levels, but accessible via a stair lift. There is a barrier-free toilet.

The studios are barrier-free and there is a barrier-free toilet.

Public Moves MuseumsQuartier
The dancefloor is accessible, there is a barrier-free toilet at the MuseumsQuartier.

Public Moves Goethehof in Kaisermühlen
The venue is a lawn venue, there are barrier-free toilets close-by.

Public Moves Standort Badeteich Hirschstetten
The venue is a lawn venue, there are barrier-free toilets close-by on the way to the Public Moves spot.


Almost all transportation in Vienna is accessible barrier-free. All Viennese public transport stations have barrier-free access (by elevator or ramp). Tactile guidance strips are available in almost all stations, helping blind and visually impaired people navigate from and to stairs, escalators and lifts. We recommend the app Wien Mobil for navigation as it provides real-time information. It not only shows you which stations and means of transport are accessible barrier-free, but also offers up-to-date information on lifts, which are temporarily out of service. In addition, you can filter barrier-free departures and routes under Settings > Mobility in the app.


The walk from the bus station Auf der Schmelz to the main entrance of the workshop centre Schmelz (USZ1) takes about 3 min. and is asphalted. The walk from the Johnstraße metro station to the workshop centre takes about 12 min. and is asphalted. The paths between the individual buildings are asphalted. The walking time from USZ1 to USZ2 is about 8 min., from USZ1 to GRG15 about 2 min., from USZ2 to GRG 15 about 10 min.


The way from the station Quartier Belvedere to Arsenal through the Schweizer Garten takes approx.15 minutes and is partly paved with cobblestones. The route from the station Arsenalsteg takes around 10 minutes and is paved throughout. The route from the station Heinrich-Drimmel-Platz takes around 12 minutes and is also completely paved.


Paid parking is available in the vicinity of the workshop centre Schmelz. From Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 22:00, the short-stay parking zone applies (parking with a parking ticket for up to 2 hours). There are a few disabled parking spaces available in front of the workshop centre. If required, please contact the Workshop Office team:

On site there are enough parking spaces available.

Four disabled parking spaces are available directly at MuseumsQuartier. Enter via main entrance (at the corner of Volkstheater/Burggasse). Parking is free of charge for all people with a disability card for the duration of their stay at MuseumsQuartier. Two additional disabled parking spaces available for a fee in the Contipark parking garage in front of MuseumsQuartier.

There is one disabled parking space available at Wilhelm-Exner-Gasse 5, 1090 Vienna, approx. 120 metres from the entrance.

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