‘And when the night falls’ the ImPulsTanz Festival Lounge calls and its daily music programme Soçial begins. This is where the audience meets artists, dancers meet teachers, inspiring discussions meet a collective music experience, talking shop meets ecstatic dancing and we just enjoy each others company. ‘If someone asks, this is where I’ll be’.
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Curated by Hanna Bauer


FM4 Fridays

Fridays are all about the long-standing collaboration with FM4 radio station, sending its hosts and DJs from the studio to the ImPulsTanz Festival Lounge.


Live’n’Local focuses on Austrian live acts, with a special emphasis on promising newcomers.

Hosted by Affine Records

This is where the top acts of Affine Records, one of Austria’s most exciting independent music labels, are working the turntables.

ImPulsTanz on Decks

Varied, maybe not always perfect but all the more delightful: at ImPulsTanz on Decks, ImPulsTanz artists and employees present their favourite tracks.



Anything the ImPulsTanz Festival Lounge can do, the party nights can do even better. On two evenings the Soçial music programme broadens its spectrum to look beyond the musical horizon, presenting top international acts. Featured artists in recent years have included GNUČČI, FVLCRVM, UNIIQU3, Cecile Believe, Catnapp, Cody ChesnuTT, DJ Kormac and Amadinda Sound System and many more. In 2022, live acts Mina & Bryte and Sicaria Sound heated up the crowd at Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz.

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