W1ZE (live)
Dalia Ahmed & Caorli
© Valerie Logar
Thursday, 7.7., 22:00
Burgtheater Vestibül

W1ZE live

The young Zimbabwean has arrived to show us that you don’t really have to conform to anyone’s standards but your own. Even though becoming a singer let alone an artist wasn’t on her moodboard yet, W1ZE always knew that she had a special bond to music that allowed her to feel a certain sense of freedom while singing. At the age of 16 she started recording herself on her phone. What started out as curiosity and fun quickly turned into a desire. “One day I’ll reminisce and probably be proud of young Graham for doing that” says the young performer. The dedication seemed to be paying off as she got signed by Sony Music in 2019.

Describing her music as chameleonic might sound mystifying at first but taking a closer look into the artists roots you will quickly realize that owning your identity while giving yourself enough space to be as diverse as possible is very important to W1ZE. With a mix of Zimbabwean, German, Indian and Malaysian her art reflects her identity.

Dalia Ahmed

Dalia Ahmed is a radio host and music journalist at Radio FM4 where she presents Hip Hop, Afrobeats, RnB and more every Saturday night in "Dalia's Late Night Lemonade". As a DJ, things get a little rougher musically with a selection of global club sounds booming out of the speakers.



// Carini
Flashy, but classy. Music to listen to when alone: Beyonce. Music to listen to when not alone: Beyonce. Favourite genre: everything

// Korli
Flashy. Definitely not classy. Pays you to play Justin Bieber. Can rap to Busta Rhymes. Important message: I got 99 problems and me being a bitch isn‘t one!

too funny to be cool



22:00                      Doors
22:00 – ca. 00:00   Caorli 
ca. 00:00 – 00:45   W1ZE (live)
00:45 – 02:45         Dalia Ahmed
02:45 – end            Caorli

W1ZE  © Valerie Logar
Dalia Ahmed © Clara Wildberger
CAORLI © kep/subtext.at

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