Soçial 2022

Soçial 2022

CHRISTL (live)
Hosted by The GapLive’n’Local
© Christoph Liebentritt
Wednesday, 20.7., 22:00
Burgtheater Vestibül


Breaking out of pigeonholes. Thinking in new perspectives, colours and forms. Creating art that knows no boundaries. Sometimes she writes and sings, then she paints - or the other way around. CHRISTL not only expresses herself in songwriting and music itself, her sense of aesthetics is reflected in all her work: be it audio-visual, visual works or fashion - CHRISTL combines all this into a perfect whole. At the same time, she is not afraid to illuminate her surroundings and herself in her creative work with a critical and strong voice: "My creative work feels like a big painting. With each new project, each new brushstroke, you understand my world and my place in it better." With her debut "GameOver", which she realised independently with the help of crowdfunding, CHRISTL not only made a clear statement for more self-determination, but her holistic visual approach to art is also already clear with this first release. Following this ideal, the audiovisual art project "Romance is dead", released on 23.08.2020, once again shows CHRISTL's strong artistic development: in her vision, music does not stand on its own, but is rather inseparably linked to the visual. CHRISTL began composing her own melodies on the piano at the age of 6 and discovered her first points of contact with music. Already at her first performance, at the age of 14, it becomes clear that the stage will become like a second home for CHRISTL. This is followed by several years of intensive vocal and musical training. Since 2019, CHRISTL has been living and working in Vienna, which opens the door to a professional musical career.


The legendary Viennese DJ ZUZEE (Waxolutionists) has brought his wife MRS. ZEE - actually 
dancer - to the turntables! Together as "THE ZEES" they prove with their unique sound, that the combination of music and dance is not only the secret recipe for a happy marriage, but also for unforgettable party nights. Musically served up is what falls into the category "funky" and can vary depending on the ingredients (hip hop, soul, funk, disco, house,...) – it will taste in any case!

CHRISTL  © Christoph Liebentritt

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