Workshops 2018

Workshops 2018

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Sonja Browne & Inge Kaindlstorfer
PLOP – Inklusiver Tanz und Improvisation

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Week 4, 6.8.–10.8.2018
Arsenal D

PLOP – Inklusiver Tanz & Improvisation

Simple and meaningful – a poem!

"Age-old pond.
A frog jumps in.
Plop." – Matsuo Bashō

The poetic art form Haiku seeks for the simple.
So to speak, the smallest entity of that, what needs to be said.
In order to make sense at all.

Starting from found movement and spoken sequences we will refine our dance in our inclusive dance and improvisation training PLOP, until we have fully arrived in the present – the shortest dance entities. Then we will juxtapose the material and work it into different spaces, music and people.
At the end we will have a dance poem.

Haikus are the inspiration for Sonja's and Inge's new piece Nullmorphem – eine Lyrik,
which will be shown 28–30 June 2018 at f23 in Vienna.

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