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Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood
The fifth limb and the extended external connector

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Week 2, 18.7.–22.7.
15:00–17:30 / XL
Arsenal E

In the first part of each class, we will explore our spine as the sensuous central limb that links every other limb in our body. Through various somatic/sensorial approaches and self-administered hands-on work we will deepen our understanding of the micro-dynamics of tone, texture, impulse, time, space and influence channelling these aspects of the dance into a broader/dynamic range of movement. Can we learn to clarify and make legible our gestures in relation to others, our environment and ourselves? Can we become empowered and enlightened by the experience of witnessing/dancing?  Can we allow things to happen, “causing them only a little?” (Steve Paxton).

In the second part of the session, we will play with light-weight 2-meter wooden dowels both on our own and between us. These strong pliable wooden rods will act as external links connecting us physically as we refine our deeper sense of communication and play with pressure, direction, balance and levels. 

Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood
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