Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood
Resilience: Making Due With What You Have At 50+

© Patrick Beelaert
Intensive 2, 23.7.+24.7.
09:30–12:00 + 14:50–17:20
Arsenal E

In honour of CI’s 50th anniversary, this series of classes will target contact practitioners and aficionados who are 50+ and will be open to others if they choose to join. At its core, CI offers us a testing-ground for the development of resilience and creativity. We will seek to harvest from the collective accrued wisdom in the room while opening our minds to the possibilities of reinventing our practice and tuning to the emergent tasks of the dancing.

Classes are designed around various themes such as: agility (the facility to efficiently adapt to physical challenges); ability (the capacity to use what you have, and develop what you can do); acumen (the aptitude to perceive what is important); and awkwardness (the courage to embrace all aspects of the dancing even when it seems clumsy). This training will emphasize the potential and necessity of improvising one’s responses to the moment in ways that are nourishing on both a physical and emotional level.

Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood
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