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Verena Brückner
Voice Xploration & Improvisation

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Week 4, 1.8.–5.8.
14:25–16:55 / XL
Arsenal 4


The world of the voice and its expressive and creative possibilities is vast!
This workshop invites you to explore your own voice and its diversity and to play with it musically and empirically.

Tones, noises and sounds surround us. Whether we perceive them as noise or as a beneficial influence on us is very individual. Some find industrial machine noises quite musical, others enjoy the whirring of the washing machine or dishwasher at home, still others find the steady ticking of an alarm clock or pendulum clock pleasant or use it as a musical element and metronome in a song or performance. Hearing has a significant influence on the voice. For this reason, we will also take a closer look at active listening in this workshop. Culture influences speech and singing styles because as children we imitate auditory influences. We can also take advantage of this as adults. With our voice and our speaking tools we have many possibilities to produce and create diverse noises, sounds, tones and words.

In this workshop we will explore and develop these vocal possibilities. Specific exercises will help us to experience the connections between voice and body and thus include the body as part of the voice. This way we will get to know the quality of our own individual voice and its facets better and better. With this newly explored and unique voice, we will embark on a creative journey. With the help of improvisation, we will design spaces, paint voice pictures, create sounds and songs, develop and present them. The improvisations will take place in small groups, duos as well as solo. Improvisation demands our full attention. It happens in the here and now. It is decided in this moment what I am going to do now and the impulse for a new action arises in the making. The outside, the space, the audience and other actors are part of this process.

In improvisation we can explore our self, become creative, challenge ourselves, dare, risk, and learn and grow from this process. If we analyse the improvisation, we can recognise our behavioural patterns, perceive limits, change them and play with them.

If the desire is there, we will also all tackle one or another song together and let it ring out in full fervour. In this sense, I am looking forward to each and every one of you who will embark on this journey of exploration with your voice.

Verena Brückner
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