Lia Haraki
IntuNition physical ritual and repetitive poetry

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Week 2, 18.7.–22.7.
09:00–11:30 / XL
Arsenal D

“I still don't know whether a protagonist of Lia Haraki's practice is herself or energy that makes the self happen. Or an energy that depersonalises us in an intimate act that discards the notion of a protagonist itself.” – Raimundas Malašauskas , Curator in the 55th Venice Biennale exhibition

The IntuNition ritual is a durational physical and vocal practice based on repetition and variation which aims to embody and somatically manifest the human ability of intuition. Intuition is the ability to own knowledge without conscious reasoning and so the body in the intuΝition practice is treated as a vessel of information and awareness and thus it is trusted completely.

As people and as artists we often betray our own authenticity by moving in ways we think are “correct” or “interesting”. In this practice we will learn to tune in to our own universe in its present state and manifest it physically in an effort of no effort. This way the mental, emotional, physical, and metaphysical bodies we all have, will be coexisting and co-creating on the spot. The repetitive poetry practice which will be happening simultaneously, is a translation of the same process in a vocal way involving words that are repeated, varied, and transformed into signs and sounds. During the ritual, the vocalising will be received through microphones, be amplified, and manipulated with the help of an experienced sound designer, only to be projected back into the room as the sound environment to the ritual.

Its story
The IntuNition practice begun to develop through the movement research of the solo Tune In by Lia Haraki back in 2013 with her sister Evi Haraki Mahera as a mentor. The solo was presented in several festivals including the Venice biennale for visual arts in 2013 and the workshop was taught in various places including Venice, Demetria festival Salonica, Τanec Praha festival Prague, Dance House Lemesos and Nimac Nicosia.

Lia Haraki

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