Daybee Dorzile
Social Dances / Afrobeat Latino Styles

© Shan Robitzky
Week 3, 25.7.–29.7.
Arsenal F

Daybee proposes a mix of open dance styles such as HipHop, Afro House, Afrobeat, Latin styles and Dancehall. Her Caribbean heritage and influences of those various dance styles, which defined her artistic individuality, lead to pure pleasure and joy in dancing together.

The main difference to European traditional dance schooling is in the movement of the core, which positively impacts the rhythmical and sensory approach to movement. This mix gives an entertaining and social atmosphere into various choreographic and aesthetic adaptations.

A touch of Dancehall: a Jamaican cultural and social dance style.
A touch of House dance: an American cultural and social dance style from Chicago.
A touch of Afro-Latino dance: a mix of the African and Latin dance styles. Both of them will be separated and initiated with the basics, will then be adapted into the fusion of both styles as connected as they are at the ethnical and cultural level.

Daybee Dorzile
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