Anya Cloud
Intelligent Recklessness

© Robbie Sweeny
Week 3, 25.7.–29.7.
17:30–20:00 / XL
Arsenal E

Through this workshop we will cultivate wildness in our dancing bodies. We will move with care without being careful. We will research and we will play. How can we be astute, complex, and visceral? How can we be generous, find abandon, be responsive, and be assertive? In order to take on these questions, we will utilise an awake intelligence within our solo bodies and consider and queer options for taking an agile solo body into negotiations with other bodies and physics. We will dance with the bodies that we have. This workshop will build skills for supporting weight, allowing for momentum, moving through disorientation, going into and out of soft collisions, navigating impact, finding buoyant rebound and reversibility, and engaging the possibilities of durable and sustainable dancing bodies. It will take on a bit of everything-ness. It will be both specific and messy. It might seem impossible. Through solo body, duets, trios, and as an ensemble we will find exhilaration, composition, bewilderment, and delight to increase physical range. This is a survival practice that cultivates wildness. We will expand preconceived notions of what is possible through intelligent risk taking and by saying yes to what arises.

Throughout this workshop we will acknowledge where we are, who we are (individually and collectively), and the complexities/politics of the time that we live in toward more accountable and responsive dancing.

Anya Cloud
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