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Annina Machaz
A body a mouth a spell

© Jeanine Guldener
Intensive 2, 23.7.+24.7.
12:10–14:40 + 17:30–20:00
Arsenal E

Now we are talking!

You speak better with your body than with your mouth?
You are hoarse after five minutes of shouting?
You want to get to know a new, absurd way of dealing with text?
You are simply curious to optimize your speaking tools?
Do I speak from your soul?
Then you've come to the right place!

In these two days Annina Machaz will teach you a classic acting basics (voice warm-up program) as well as a self-developed, short witch's spell.

Through her collaboration with various artists and through her own practice, she has developed a special approach to approaching text and characters humorously. Using various fun methods, we will unconventionally generate our own text material and use it directly. There will be no time for thinking and blocking, but we will produce quickly, a lot, revise, throw away and re-poem.

In a further step we will interweave absurd movement material with the text, the participants will work out their personal "witch-character" and perform their spell/rhyme.

Text and language are not magic even for dancers!

Annina Machaz
© Jeanine Guldener
© Jeanine Guldener
© Jeanine Guldener
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