Clélia Colonna & Raul Maia
The Extra Limb

© Clélia Colonna & Raul Maia
Week 1, 11.7.–15.7.
17:00–20:00 / XL +Teacher
Arsenal 4

Voice as extended touch

In this workshop we invite you to explore the vocal gesture as a form of “extended touch”.

The sound of our voice departs from our inner body, projects into the outside space and re-enters our body through our ears in the form of vibration, moving our sensitive auditory apparatus. When multiple voices meet outside of our bodies, they return to our ears differently from how they first departed, transformed by the encounter. Under this assumption, voice can be perceived as a form of touch, a tactile exchange with others through projecting vibration into our common space.

In this workshop we will engage in durational practices based on meeting through the medium of the voice. We will focus both on the emission of sound (voicing) and on the reception of sound (listening).

We will give particular attention to sensing the physical dimensions of sound, using movement as an initiator of the voice and voice as an initiator for the movement. Tone and repetition will be the structural elements that will make this practice sustainable in time, keeping us together in the exploration of the voice as a form of communication, as a form of touch.

Clélia ColonnaRaul Maia
© Clélia Colonna & Raul Maia
© Raul Maia & Clélia Colonna
© Raul Maia & Clélia Colonna
© Raul Maia & Clélia Colonna
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