Alix Eynaudi
Insomnia, a word of mouth

© Lyina Adieux
Week 3, 25.7.–29.7.
11:40–14:10 / XL
Arsenal D

A miniature forever recessive, cruising the edges, the river banks, the banks, the margins of a festival: Insomnia, a word of mouth.
or dancing and resting with and against a library in the undergrowths of a public event, (almost) unannounced. There, we’ll (f)orage through books together, in an open-air dark room.
A joyful act of bibliomancy.

Books do things in spite of themselves. They get along with each other, they get in touch across activities, readings, translations and (mis)interpretations, together they hold a (social) space where we talk to, dance with, each other. Like earthly tremors, Insomnia, a word of mouth welcomes and encourages the formation of lines and fissures along this space of sharing. A bootleg poem orchestrated by a change of index.

Alix Eynaudi
© Lyina Adieux
© Nicolas Provost
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