Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood
Instant Instinct: Entering the intuitive arena of the Unknown

© Andrew Harwood
Week 2, 18.7.–22.7.
09:30–12:30 / XL
Arsenal E

This workshop invites us to honour our essence and become the masters of what we know and what we do. Each session serves to create containers for focused investigation, encouraging each person to engage in the dynamics of self-care and empathy for others. Working with the innate intelligence of the body and a curiosity for the unfolding moment, we behold and are with that which wants to emerge instinctively.                                              

An assortment of playful and artistic dance scores will allow us to play lightly/seriously with our know-how, our how-to-be and our not-knowing. These spontaneous movement structures will help us focus our attention, develop an awareness of inner/outer space, awaken our senses, harness our inventiveness, create familiarity, dive deeply into what is actually happening and stimulate our imagination as we improvise alone, in pairs and trios, in small groups and as one large ensemble.

Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood
© Andrew Harwood
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