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Anya Cloud & Sabine Parzer
Exuberant Embodied Intelligence

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Week 3, 25.7.–29.7.
13:50–16:50 / XL +Teacher
Arsenal E

This is Contact Improvisation training and practice at its best – utilising your technical, compositional, political, and somatic skills we will engage the history of the form in relationship to the current realities of our lives and the world in order to rigorously imagine change and transformation. We will work with the urgent materiality of dancing to fluidly define ourselves, our interactions, and the outcomes we wish to achieve.


Through solo body, duets, small groups, and as an ensemble we will engage with dancing that is sensitising, high risk, upside down, off-balance, falling, moving through space, buoyantly lifting/lofted, and surprising. We will develop skills to be responsive, transgressive, and generous with one another and ourselves through functional and aesthetic approaches. The musicality of mass, activating spatial volume, increasing qualitative range, and cultivating embodied awareness will be central to this work.

We will include practical skill building around:

  • round body and 3-dimensionality
  • tuning reflexes and survival skills
  • sustainably supporting/negotiating weight
  • responsible flying
  • anatomical organisation and sequencing 
  • accessing momentum and follow through in and out of contact
  • off-verticality and disorientation
  • consent and setting/respecting boundaries
  • identity scores and awareness of group dynamics/complexities

These practices will increase your capacity to redefine options for solo material within a contact dance. This will facilitate the ability to invite others to see and appreciate your dancing, to find abandon, and to develop sophisticated and responsible ways of practising Contact Improvisation as a radical act of celebration and aliveness.

Anya CloudSabine Parzer
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