Kollektiv Klaus – Natalie Campbell & Manuela Deac
Ariadnes Faden (5–8J)

© Laurent Ziegler

Week 2, 17.7.–21.7.2023
10:00–13:00 / L
DW 3

The thread runs through the workshop, connecting bodies and objects, spontaneous impulses and danced ornaments. Is it a spider's web on which droplets glisten, are they laser beams that stretch through the room, green jungle lianas or shimmering jellyfish tentacles?

We create links between above and below, inside and outside, you and me. Between words and bodies, people and animals, between Ariadne and Minos the bull.

We use games to improvise and create solos, duos and group choreographies, first without an object, then with the help of ribbons that we connect to our own bodies and objects, both indoors and outdoors. Exercises from contemporary dance and release technique warm us up appropriately and provide impulses for our own ideas. The creative flow of the participants will be reflected in the creation process of our final performance for parents and friends.

Natalie CampbellManuela Deac
© Laurent Ziegler
© Laurent Ziegler
© Laurent Ziegler
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