Alice Chauchat
Dance of Companionship

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Week 3, 25.7.–29.7.
17:00–20:00 / XL
Arsenal D

The Dance of Companionship (2014) is at once a guided dance framed by a spoken text and involving the writing of poems. The text weaves together propositions, for dance and narrative fragments about forms of togetherness. It is a practice of being-with: with dance, with oneself, with each other, in attentive and intimate distance. As we focus with ever more detail on the present events, dance – our companion – continuously moves away as that which exceeds the dancer’s own doings. It is a horizon: a partner that remains unknown, whose unknowability obliges and displaces.

The Dance of Companionship is part of the collection of dance scores that feed Alice’s Togethering project. About an hour long, it is at once a performance, a class and a practice of being together. In this intensive workshop Alice offers to pass on its guidance, both as performance and as teaching. As in any repertoire situation, the adaptation of the role will demand that each participant articulate the imaginary, language and dance knowledge which allow them to adapt the score.

For this workshop an application is required. If you are interested to apply, please send your short biography and motivation letter to the Workshop Office.

Alice Chauchat
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